But I liked it first!

I've been meaning to pick up a copy of Dwell Magazine for the past few months, as I'm seeing it everywhere, and today I finally got my chance. After reading through it, part of me is a bit disappointed that the magazine has fetishized mid-century modern design and made it just another goal for the acheiving mainstream professional. I used to have to work to find stuff on this subject and I would guess people previously into it were fans of great architecture and/or insanely rich. Now young couples looking to keep up with the Joneses won't just need a subzero fridge and a bosch dishwasher, they'll also need a custom built minimalist modern home loaded with eames furniture and concrete surfaces.

On the bright side, for $4.95 I get to scan page after page of beautiful things I could only otherwise find in old expensive books or pricey imported magazines, plus if modern houses really do go mainstream because of this, it won't be half as difficult to get an ambitious new design past a city council in the US.