Bush Years summed up on twitter

Seeing how the inauguration is just around the bend, I thought maybe it'd be good to hear a bunch of short pithy summaries of the last eight years of Bush. I read this thing on Salon showing how the economy has slid under him and figured instead of me ranting for thousands of words on how things are worse than when he started, I might as well use twitter instead.

You can too, just tag your posts in twitter with #bushyears

Some favorites in just the first few minutes:

  • "Didn't fuck an intern, but raped the Constitution" -- roomerholmes
  • "The utter lethality of incuriosity" -- Vidiot
  • "With an 'average guy' in charge, things are guaranteed to be below average." -- 75th
  • "With the money flooding to abstinence-only education, the only thing you were allowed to tap was citizens' phones." -- torontonto