Bryan figured out (scroll

Bryan figured out (scroll below the photos to the iPhoto section) what the real breakthrough in Apple’s releases were last week: the legitimization of digital photography in the minds of consumers, and the perfect bridge between the real (printed photos in your hands) and the virtual (jpegs in a photo database on your hard drive).

It makes me wonder about the moment Apple chooses to do an online publishing application. If they ever create something like an iWrite application that automatically stores and categorizes local copies of writing (which could offer weblog as a format option), with some sort of instant html-ize and upload to your account, they stand to legitimize the collective work of online writers if they choose to allow print and custom book creation. I can see the Steve Jobs presentation now “The Great American Novel will be written  on an ibook running iWrite, and printed, published, and delivered instantly for $14.95 for the first 50 pages.”