Blogger on spamblogs

Blogger Buzz: On Spam describes Google/Blogger's ongoing fight with spamblogs I wrote about a few days ago. They've even published a blacklist of spamblogs to help indexing services weed them out.

I forgot to mention it in my earlier post, but the big white elephant in the room is Wordpress and the affinity spam bloggers have for the WP platform. This is no slag on Matt or the community he's built, it's just the tool they like to use after Blogger. Blogspot is an easy punching bag because it's one giant source host and Google's behind it and has the resources to stop it, but what can we do about the thousands and thousands of wordpress spam blogs republishing RSS feeds from others, loading them up with Adsense banners, and being hosted all over the web? WP is released under GPL and any spamblogging plugin, extension, or tweak of WP code can't really be stopped (this isn't an argument against GPL, but I'm just saying the problem can't be stopped at the point of software being used for bad things).

Do you go after their webhosts? Is the act of gaming search engines with spam blog linkfarms and creating empty content (with others' RSS feed excerpts) adsense sites the same as anti-spam rules in webhosting terms of service agreements?

In other words, when the (single-webhost) blogspot problem gets licked, how on earth do we combat the (many hundreds of webhosts) powered-by-Wordpress spamblog problem?