Black Panther 2 is actually good

I am pretty tired of Marvel movies. I stopped watching every new one a few years ago out of boredom with the franchise and because seeing a movie but having to remember details from 26 previous movies or you wouldn't know why something happened the way it did feels more like work than fun. So Marvel movies feel like work. No thanks.

I didn't know the new Black Panther: Wakanda Forever movie was even out. I thought it was going to be a Christmas release, but when a friend asked to go to the movies and I checked my local theater, we picked this one.

The most shocking thing (especially after feeling ho-hum about the last Thor movie) was that Wakanda Forever is actually pretty good? I loved a lot of story elements and the writing was surprisingly well done.

It's got some memorials and will be sad in parts, and of course, half of the entire movie was probably filmed in warehouse in Los Angeles that was covered in green fabric while actors yelled at tennis balls, but even with all that, it was a good time at the movies.