Bicycle realted mumbo-jumbo September

Bicycle realted mumbo-jumbo
September is Car-Free Month here, and I thought I'd try riding my bike every day this month and avoid touching my car for 30 days (less of course the weekly ritual of moving the car from one street to another for street cleaning). Today I rode my bike, despite the drizzle I encountered after leaving the house. I thought the drizzle would disapate as I neared the center of the city, but it only got worse. I knew I had a change of clothes at work, so I continued, and by the time I got to work I was soaked (photo below doesn't really do justice). Damp pants are no fun.

It's hard riding a bike in most of the US. We're so focused on cars that many times bike riders get the short end of the stick. Heck, even Lance Armstrong got hit by a car today.

My favorite bicycle-related quote is this one by a Critical Mass group member:

"A suburban child is more likely to be killed by automobile than an inner city child is likely to be killed by guns."
-- Jason Meggs

And I'm a big supporter of making