Behind the Wiki

Several people asked if I could upload my phpwiki changes for review, so here it is: 666kb zip

Keep in mind the following:

- If you want to use my code, install phpwiki 1.3.3 first, not 1.3.4. Then either copy my phpwiki-1.3.3 files over yours or do a diff on them to compare. I changed a lot of little things in all sorts of places I have forgotten.

- I hard-coded a few things like the nav in the upper left in various .tmpl files found in the /phpwiki-1.3.3/themes/default/templates directory, so change accordingly to match your site.

- I included my .htaccess files so you can see how I'm redirecting people at the root of my site over to /matt and how I got the /matt/HomePage wiki default document to switch to /matt/home (I changed the title of the default page in MySQL, but you could create a page called "home" instead).

- I'm providing it as-is to other wiki hackers so don't email me with problems, as I can't offer much help. My changes worked for me, hopefully they work for you or you can adjust accordingly.