BattleBots: What machines do when we're not watching

I noticed a lot of people seem to be using KnowSpam. It works like this: I send an email to a KnowSpam user, then get a bounced message saying go to a webpage and input a code found on that page, then I get whitelisted and all email to them suddenly works.

The thing is, I've heard that if a person using this sort of whitelist technology sends an email to a new person that also happens to use a whitelist technology (either from KnowSpam or someone else), a bounce from one could trigger a bounce to another, since they've never corresponded before. That bounce could trigger another bounce, and so on.

For some reason I get a little giddy at the thought of bots locked in an email bouncing battle. Who will bounce to the whitelisted death? Who will reign supreme?

Somewhere there's someone pitching this idea as a new reality show and somewhere else someone is building a site where you can bet on which email bounce bot will win.