Based on the raving reviews

Based on the raving reviews of a few friends, I signed up for Netflix today. Unlimited DVD rentals, keep up to 3 as long as you like, mail them back in their pre-addressed and postaged containers, and they have almost every DVD made, for $19.95/mo. So for the price of buying one DVD per month, I can instead rent and see everything I ever wanted to. Kay and I spent about an hour off and on trying to think of every movie we missed in the past few years. The Netflix interface isn't perfect, so having a second window open to the IMDB helped us pick. We now have over 30 movies in our queue, with Timecode, Cradle Will Rock, and Run Lola Run in the mail and on the way (3 movies I wanted to catch, but missed over the last year or so). Many of the things on our list are foreign and indie films we can never remember to look for, or have a hard time finding.

I can already tell this is going to be an awesome service.