Awesome, awesome, awesome

I linked to the Egg and Muffin toaster a while back and since I recently got an amazon gift certificate, I decided to pick one up.

I love egg mcmuffins -- egg mcmuffins without meat to be precise. While I spent much of my youth eating at McDonalds, when I went strict vegetarian after high school, I boycotted the place for almost a decade. But the egg mcmuffin brought me back. These days, about once a week I get one, toss the ham in the trash, and enjoy. So the idea of being able to have perfect egg mcmuffins (without meat) at home was enticing.

After making a couple, I'm hooked. The product does exactly what it's supposed to do, making sure both the egg and the muffins are perfectly done at the same time (it waits a while to toast). Now is the time to experiment. Different breads (it can fit bagels too), different cheeses (the extra sharp I have might be too much), and different additions (maybe smoked salmon?).

While I'm of the Alton Brown school of "never buy a uni-tasker" this one does it so perfectly well that I'm willing to sacrifice some counter space and keep this unit around. If you're a fan of egg mcmuffins, this is priced at around 8 egg mcmuffin combo meals, and once you've got it you can make as many as you want, as often as you want, and exactly as you want.