Attitude really is everything. I'm

Attitude really is everything.

I'm learning that it's actually true, the older I get. When I was an angsty, pissed-off fifteen year old, my friend's dad would remind me of the phrase "attitude is everything" as often as he could. I hated hearing it because I was so pissed-off at the world, and I insisted that world should change to suit me, instead of the other way around.

Years have passed and I've mellowed out a bit, but I don't think I was the one that did all the changing to make that happen, the world has changed a bit for me, aligned with the things I hoped it would. I've seen and experienced being nice to people and getting nice things in return, and being a jerk to people and getting treated like a jerk in return. I've learned this from looking back at exchanges I've been apart of, when things went well, how did I act, and on the worst days of my life, was I in the mood to invite such bad luck?

What strikes me as odd are the people that don't learn this fact of life. The ones that go through their teens and 20's without ever re-evaluating their actions and their outlook, and insist that in the world's game of poker, they got dealt a crappy hand and continue to get shitty cards.