As I was listening to

As I was listening to the last Save Ferris CD on the way to work today, I realized the best song on the disc is the "hidden" track at the very end. It's not like most hidden tracks, which are often bad dubs of the artists goofing around in the studio, no, this hidden track is a full-fledged, well-produced song.

But it sits on track 11, starting at eight minutes and fifteen seconds into that track, instead of occupying a spot on the disc as track 1 or track 7. When I want to hear it, I have to skip to 11, then hold down the fast forward button until I hear it pop out of the two minutes of silence that follows the first song at track 11. Doing this while driving adds to the difficulty and frustration.

All I want to know is, what were they thinking? Why'd they stick a perfectly rockin' song into a hidden track?