arrr, tis an amusement park's booty I be lookin' for

There's a street off the 101 that I see periodically traveling around the bay area, named "Marine World Parkway" but there isn't an amusement park in sight. I've long wondered if lurking somewhere off the freeway was a decaying old park. I couldn't find any information at several closed amusement park sites, but did find photos and information about a park from my childhood, Marineland in Southern California. There's something freaky about being able to see where kids and whales once flourished, but are now gone forever.

Eventually, I finally found info on the park up here. From 1968-1986 there was an actual park there, but it moved to its present location in 1986, and what was once the park became the Oracle campus.

The web never ceases to amaze me. Among the sites devoted to closed attractions, some are painstakingly detailed for places that have been gone for some time.