Array's day in the

Array's day in the life of webloggers is going to be interesting. If I were to shoot 24 hrs of my life on a typical day, it'd be fairly boring, as I spend 8-10 hours sitting in front of a computer at work, and then 3-4 more at home doing the same thing. I could engineer the shots so everything I take is at least somewhat interesting, but how truthful is that? If I shoot an interesting, atypical day, you're likely to see the sights of San Francisco, a beautiful sunset, or some interesting architecture I might see walking around. Making the choice more obvious is that the time span is this Sunday and Monday. Sundays I take rides to the beach, walks on the town, and attend gatherings of one sort or another. Mondays are filled with the boredom of computers. Which day do I shoot?

I guess it all goes back to what is truth and what is art when you're taking photographs. I'll probably opt for the Sunday shooting of atypical events, and take shots of the interesting things. I suppose in the end, it will be cool to see what a loosely related group of people do in 24 hrs of their life.