Apple's message falls flat

Apple's message falls flat

You've probably seen the tone-deaf ad from Apple about their new super thin iPad (update: they apologized for it).

I get the concept they were going for—it's like a thousand devices rolled into one, but the way the ad was shot revels in destruction of beloved things and really hits a sour note that feels anti-artist (especially weird to go with this angle, as AI is slowly crushing everything in its path).

It's kind of surprising Apple did this, since they're usually so careful about messaging and support creativity in most of their things.

Anyway, people have been making parodies and remixes. Playing the commercial in reverse is a definite improvement. What if the crusher was replaced by a magnet that drew things closer? Also much better.

I decided to go a different route. I took the current Hollywood trope of playing an old cover song slowed down wistfully on a piano to give everything a horror vibe. Then I added messages that better fit the visuals for the current big tech vs. everyone zeitgeist.

Here it is, I probably can't upload to YouTube or anywhere else due to copyrights so I've embedded it natively.