Apple Rumor: Multitouch Everywhere!

I'm pointing to SBJ's post about multitouch Apple rumors because I really want this to be true.

Multitouch is amazing. When I got to see Jeff Han demo it at Etech last year, everyone was blown away, but it feels like it's a couple years off, right? If Apple could release it in 2007, they'd get to leapfrog the entire industry and be way ahead for a long time.

I've been waiting for a new iSight-equipped LCD display for six months and I've wondered why they didn't release one ages ago, but if multitouch sensitive displays are on the way the long delay makes sense. Even cooler is imagining multitouch apps like iPhoto (imagine being able to throw photos around your desktop and sort them all with your fingers), Garageband, and iMovie (I could save a lot of time if I could manipulate the timelines by touch).

The multitouch rumor would also explain the previous rumors about 50" monitors coming from Apple. A 50" monitor seems insane to have on your desk, but if you watch Jeff Han's demos, you can see why size matters for manipulating screen details with both hands.