An instant message conversation in

An instant message conversation in which I try to get Scott to see Jurassic Park III:

mathowie: I know what you need.
walkngbird: BBQ?
mathowie: 90 minutes of the rockingest Dinosaur action money can buy!!!
walkngbird: I'm afraid to ask.
mathowie: Thursday!!! Thursday!!! Thursday!!! Come see top-fueled Tyrannosaurus Rex take on two-time champ Triceratops in a wall-to-wall brawl the likes of which have never been seen!
walkngbird: bah.  I'm rooting for the raptors.
walkngbird: oh yay, raptors, yet again.
walkngbird: They should rename JP3 to "Much Ado
About Raptors"
walkngbird: Or "Again With the Raptors"