American healthcare still sucks

I picked up my prescriptions yesterday and my new health plan gave me a 90 day supply of pills. This is how it used to be, but for the past 6 years my previous plan only gave out pills for 30 days at a time.

Though it sounds minor, it's huge.

It's a pain to refill prescriptions. I have to call in my bottle number to a recording, worry about how many refills remain (if it hits zero it adds 1-2 days to refill), then hope the Rx shop has them on hand or can order them before I run out.

All told it's 2-3 days out of every month of added stress and anxiety about getting new pills and heading into town to get them. So figure 10% of every month, I'm worried about my medications.

When my health plan changed me to 30 day limits they claimed it saved them money, and I guess that's technically true, but it comes at the cost of a monthly hassle for every single person using the plan.

I'm looking forward to going through this song and dance only four times a year rather than 12. It's like a weight has lifted.