After seeing Jason successfully get

After seeing Jason successfully get "mp3 now playing" functionality to work on his site, I decided to finally get it working for myself. I've had a "currently listening to" section on this page for a couple months (just down on the right, below the second photograph), but I've always wanted to automate it. Over the past year, one attempt after another failed with various bits of software, but I finally got the do something plugin to work (worst interface and interaction design ever). I'll setup my laptop with the iTunes version as well, and see how much easier that is. I added a google search on the song title, in case you're looking for information about it (Google doesn't index mp3s, so you probably won't be able to download them).

Currently I'm seeing "Disney's Magic Kingdom - Tomorrowland Music" and yeah, I was actually hearing that. The plus of having gigs and gigs of my CD collection stored means you'll see lots of novelity stuff.