After a very long weekend

After a very long weekend spent moving, I'm happy to say I'm no longer a resident of San Francisco. I suppose I'm one of the many "fogbirds" that fled the cold murky streets for warmer, sunnier areas just yonder. I'm about a half hour south of SF now, and I didn't think it was that big of a deal until we were finishing up cleaning and moving the last bits out of our old apartment today. It was around 4pm and the fog had rolled in. The skies darkened and the temps dropped to around 60. I had to turn the heat up when we left in the car. By the time we got 25 miles away to our new home, the air conditioner had to come on, and the shorts and t-shirt I was freezing in San Francisco in were just perfect. We enjoyed a great view of a warm sunset while dining with family and friends and I knew things would be much happier from here on out.

Oh, and if there was one highlight this weekend, it was the pizza in the wildly blooming backyard.