Adventures in brain tumors: 90% good

Oh joy. Four more hours of blood testing, plus nausea!

It's been a while since I've posted a health update, but I've been going through tests every 3-4 weeks for the past six months and each time I'd tell myself I should make a post after the next set of results, but never ended up posting about it.

The long-story-short is that I'm happy to say I'm still recovering well. It appears that my tumor is still shrinking given the blood workup numbers and I have a MRI in early June to take another look at it to see where it stands. My testosterone finally bounced back into a normal range for the first time in any set of tests, which is another encouraging sign.

I've done several prolonged tests to see how my body produces human growth hormones and that's about the only thing not bouncing back. It appears that the reason I'm tired a lot and recovering from exercise slowly is that I'm still low on growth hormones and may start to take supplements for the rest of the year to see how my body reacts.

Aside from that, my endocrinologist started to discuss the plans for tailing off the half-dozen medications I'm taking over the next few years as I recover further. So in summary, pretty much all good news and I'll post about the results of the MRI next month when I get them.