A lot of weblogs, including

A lot of weblogs, including MetaFilter were mentioned in this LA Times article, again about 9/11 and the impact of blogs.

I talked to the reporter for almost an hour, refuting her main purpose for writing the article, which was the theme "weblogs changed forever on that day and became legitimized." She insisted that weblogs were now serious avenues of news and views and that post-9/11, every weblog author would take on a more serious tone. Gone were the days of 14-year olds posting AIM chat logs to blogspot, now we're serious journalists!

To top it off, the quote she attributed to me that's in the story was taken totally out of context. If I remember correctly she asked "how were people behaving on metafilter that day" and I said "they were fairly civil and intelligent." Instead she chose to use it in reference to all weblogs, to support her view that I didn't share.

I hate it when reporters do that.