A couple observations: On

A couple observations:
On my way to work yesterday, I watched a guy walking a big dog drop the leash, and the dog started running around a car. The owner chased the dog, but the dog was always on the exact opposite side of the car. The owner began chasing the dog, alternating directions, but the dog kept going the exact opposite direciton. It was hilarious to see an adult so frustrated, and lose their composure over a dog. I had a smile that didn't leave my face all day. Always be ready to laugh at yourselves, try not to take things too seriously.

UCLA is populated by some creepy people. There's a guy that hangs out in the bathrooms near my work, every time I go in, he's there, and I have no clue what he's doing. Video taping? Peeping on restroom patrons? Masturbating? I've gone to great lengths to avoid the guy, but he's showing up in all the other restrooms in the 6-floored building too. It's almost as if he's just going from one restroom to another, all day long. So today, I start towards a restroom, and I see him pop out of a stairwell, I turn, and go to another located in a separate building. When I get inside there, there's some other guy hanging out by the sinks, and some strange, slightly obscene noises coming from the stalls, so I ended up going to another building which was empty and quiet. This is a top-notch university! What the hell is going on?