Thought experiment: is it possible to write a paragraph about your life so filled with minor but important facts that someone could figure out how to answer every challenge question possible and retrieve your password from almost any system on earth? Screenshot 2018-10-10 16.18.55.png

(to be clear, nothing above is true)

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One reply on “Self-doxxing”

  1. Ha, funny. I recently ran into an issue with the security questions for my Apple ID. I was horrified to discover that I hadn’t recorded the questions/answers in my password manager. So I took at stab at trying to answer one of the asinine questions honestly, and lo and behold, it let me in. *facepalm* My version of the story reads like this: my best friend in grade school is named jhlremfics, my dream job when I was younger is usptarnhyn, and the city where my parents met is dxkobhbday.


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