Google Docs top tip

Screenshot 2018-09-17 13.51.40

I don’t think enough people writing in Google Docs know one killer way to use it is going full-screen while setting the view at 150% size to work in a distraction-free space.

I mention it to anyone who will listen, and the idea of changing the default 100% view is almost always a complete shock to others that never considered changing it before.

It’s honestly the only way I can focus on writing these days.

3 responses to “Google Docs top tip”

  1. Useful! Thanks!

    (Any tips on turning Google Docs HTML export into cleaner code?)


    1. I’ve never played with the HTML export, but maybe there are some cleaners out there?


      1. A really tortuous way would be to

        – dump the HTML;
        – running it through `pandoc` to convert it to something else; and
        – running _that_ output back through `pandoc` to convert it to HTML.

        Might be handy?


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