My podcast diet: August 2018

I listen to several dozen podcasts, usually when doing boring tasks like errands, dishes, or car trips, on the order of 5-8 hours per week, and mostly at the expense of time I used to spend listening to music.

Podcast discovery is still a mostly-broken problem, so I thought I’d share what I normally listen to, and how I prioritize them. To date, I probably found most of these on the word-of-mouth recommendations of a friend or random links in Twitter or Facebook. There isn’t really a good app to share podcasts quite yet (Breaker seems to be getting there), so posts like this will suffice. I hope you spot something you’re interested in, because everything here is something I’ve enjoyed. Also, if you run a podcast and see it on this list, know that I love you and your work but I only have so many hours in the day so I had to prioritize somehow so try not to take it personally if your podcast is low on these lists.

I drop everything to listen to these, usually within hours of them coming out:

These are my next priority, and I usually listen to these within a day or two of release:

I listen to these within a week of them coming out

I get to these eventually, usually on a long road trip, or when I want to binge listen after letting a bunch of shows stack up:

One-off, special short run shows that don’t come up often:

Shows I occasionally pick up an episode when I hear it’s a good one:

I miss these long-gone shows so much:

(by the way, it may seem like a shit-ton of podcasts here, but on average only about a quarter of them are publishing once a week steadily. Many go weeks or months without a new episode.)



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5 replies on “My podcast diet: August 2018”

    1. I listen to things at 1.3x speed in Overcast. My total time per week might be closer to 10hrs sometimes, but I have something like 1.5Gb of unlistened to episodes and I don’t treat it as an inbox zero thing. I feel like I hit close to 100% on the first list, 75% of the second, and so on and so on, where I’m not listening to absolutely everything.


      1. Overcast is my podcatcher as well. There’s a lot on your list that I’ve never heard. For that, thanks.
        I’d add, in no particular order:
        ‘Where Should We Begin? by Esther Perel’;
        ‘What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law’;
        ‘Song Exploder’;
        ‘More Perfect’;
        ‘The Bible for Normal People’.


      2. Oh god, I had to quit the Trump Con Law one, it was way too depressing…

        Does Song Exploder make sense on unfamiliar songs? I never became a diehard fan since 75% of the guests were doing music I’ve never heard (the songs I did know were absolutely killer).


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