Democracy dies in the darkness

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Oh awesome, my local county elections office says my signature differs too much from the registration card I filled out over fifteen years ago, so I’ve been purged from the voter rolls. 

3 responses to “Democracy dies in the darkness”

  1. This happened in California too. The ACLU sued to stop disenfranchisement after 45,000 votes were discarded in 2016. I wonder how many other votes were discarded in Oregon.


  2. This is essentially, “we don’t want you voting”. I am sure the other “notice”, that was supposed to come before this notice, comes in the mail tomorrow.


  3. Hi! Do you or anyone you know live in NC? If so there’s a notification system in place to let you know if you get purged If you live in another state, and there’s a voter protection organization you know of that would like to run a similar project, let me know!


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