The future of airline sites

This video demo of a mocked-up airline website of the future is stunning. A lot of people are focusing on this as a way of airlines to play travel agent, since there are city guides and hotel information, but the essence of what makes this demo great is the simple ease of use of planning air travel. I’ve gone from round-trip to one-way tickets in searches and lost all my data, having to start over from scratch (in the demo it’s a single click to change). The way multi-city searches are built is also slick and way easier. Of all the parts of this demo I think are worth building, I’d say just the basic new flight search being quick and easy would be a game changer for the industry.

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  1. This is beautiful. I love how they did it, and I’m sure someone, someday will do it.

    We are in the process of building this. Not near this pretty yet, and having been at it for 15 years, not sure we’ll ever make it, but we do have many of the pieces in places to build on top of our Around the World Engine, Indie –

    Cheers to you Matt. I am a big fan and “neighbor” in the PacNW/Gorge.


  2. It seems that they’ve come at this from the perspective of the vacation traveler…I wish I was planning vacation travel more often. Being a mostly business traveler myself, I want to be able to compare airline prices but also departure and arrival times. I’m usually trying to optimize my time at home.

    But I agree, innovation to me would be about making it easier to book flights. Unfortunately, it’s likely that the game changer in the airline industry isn’t going to be something that benefits the consumer but something that makes the airlines more money (like charging for checked bags).


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