No Social Networking in ‘The Social Network’

[The Social Network‘s] great, but there’s an interesting omission: None of the main characters is shown using Facebook to improve their social lives in any meaningful way.


Interesting observation from Rogers Cadenhead.

Oh, and I wrote something about my relationship with Twitter vs. Facebook on Medium a couple weeks ago.

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  1. From what I gather it was one of the devices they utilised to indicate that the film was nothing to do with Facebook, or as I think Sorkin says on the accompanying documentary, it might as well be that characters are designing a camera or a kettle. For them it was about the betrayal not about the creation of Facebook exactly and by not having them sit around creating profiles and doing *stuff* they were underscoring and directing the audience’s attentions elsewhere. But there is lots of talk of characters using Facebook. The Winklevii discover that Facebook has spread to the UK in a scene where we told that people do use it to connect.


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