Last month I appeared on a couple podcasts as a guest. If you like hearing me blather on about stuff, you might want to check out both of these and give them a listen. The Mule Radio one is only about 30min long, the BoingBoing/Gweek one runs about an hour.

Let’s Make Mistakes: Meet Matt Haughey

Gweek 45

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One reply on “Podcastin’”

  1. I had a listen to the podcast as I’ve always been curious what you sound like. I like your blog and its amazing the volume of useful information you write about. However regarding the journalist giving you an interview they were a real let down, the reason being they seemed lost for words and had no real sensible questions to ask you.
    The only good part was what you said.
    I love your work and if I did a a podcast interviewing you I’m sure I would have many more questions to ask you, reason being I’ve studied the blog in depth.
    Anyway Matt long life and keep blogging:)


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