It’s a me!


A few weeks ago, I got an email from a reporter at the Willamette Week, asking if I was open to an interview before MetaFilter's 12 anniversary and I said sure. Then I got a note that a photographer would pop in during our interview and take a few shots. Then hey, you're done and have time, do you mind standing in front of this makeshift studio backdrop for a few more photos? We might use them next to the story. It won't be on the cover or anything. Ok, we need to ask a few more questions, the story just got lengthened. 

Then last night I got an email saying that my photo did end up being on the cover.

Here's the story on the Willamette Week's site. I like how it turned out (aside from calling my friend Anil, Neil, but they said they'd fix it) and it was fun to do.

Today I sat in a coffee shop and got interviewed for a research project by someone that had a copy of this on the table and it freaked me out to stare at myself the whole time.

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3 replies on “It’s a me!”

  1. I’m getting a distinctly Devo vibe from this photo…
    I had just finished a rare posting to my site and went to FB to link to it. Saw a link to your WW interview. Just epic.
    It’s so refreshing to hear the truth about the intertubes in a major medium piece. And then the irony of the trolls attacking just after your pointing out that news site comment sections are lawless. Made my Friday.


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