Weird ringtones

I've noticed over the past few months at least three instances of someone's phone going off and playing a really odd song, something completely unexpected. In no particular order, they are:

  • ~60 year old male. He was a carpenter measuring for bookshelves, suddenly the chorus from Michael Jackson's Billie Jean starts playing. 
  • late 30s male, construction worker, building a house. Phone goes off with a jazz classic I've heard millions of times but can't name. Take the A train perhaps?
  • mid-60s woman at a restaurant with her husband having dinner in the next booth. Silence was broken by Who Let The Dogs Out. Let me repeat that. The silence was broken in a restaurant when someone's grandmother (possibly great-grandmother) had their phone play Who Let The Dogs Out very loudly.

In every case I'm left with the obvious questions of What the hell? Why that song out of every song ever recorded? and Do people even buy ringtones anymore? 

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  1. My ringtone is the Swedish Chef’s intro song (up to “Bork! Bork! Bork!”). It’s that way because it cracks my daughter up every time she hears it. Maybe some of those people are also pandering to kids.
    I didn’t buy it – I used an app called Ringtonium to make it. It was free for a day recently.


  2. my girlfriend has always had a very loud, irritating weird melody sung in pseudo-Chinese hit something (hard to describe). Every time it rings, I cringe.
    Also, this thread here is the perfect opportunity to have a mega list of unusual ringtones stories


  3. Who Let the Dogs Out.
    Someone’s cheeky grandchild setting up the phone? (in fairness maybe they set it up to ring that way when they called 🙂 )


  4. Two of these are supermegapophits known to every man and child. Is that really that surprising? And jazz is the birthright of people in their late 30s.


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