Kevin Bacon Number II: The Wire Index

I've noticed many of the films and shows I've enjoyed over the past few years have featured actors that previously appeared in The Wire. Someone should build a site that calculates a number based on how many actors in a show or film previously appeared in The Wire. It could be calculated like so: 

(Actors in the work that were on The Wire / Total number of actors in a work) * 10

This gives you a number between 0 and 10, with 10 being a perfect total saturation of the cast (probably only in actual episodes of The Wire) and zero being not a single actor from The Wire is involved in the project. I'm curious what the highest number non-Wire show/film is and I have a feeling if I was about to watch something and it had a number hovering between 2 and 3 I would be almost certain the work would be enjoyable.

Developers: this seems like it'd be fairly possible to do with some IMDB api work and you could probably make some money off the site by throwing Amazon "order now" links to any DVDs mentioned. 


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5 replies on “Kevin Bacon Number II: The Wire Index”

  1. Someone really needs to make this, but for any two shows. I paste in either two IMDB links, ro type two show names and it returns the number.
    Even if it is just so I can try to find something that gets a ten


  2. It’s kind of like Google Pagerank for shows.
    You’d have to figure out how to account for shows like Law & Order, which are basically televised job programs for every actor in New York


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