Scarring Party west coast tour

Over on MetaFilter Music, I've fallen for a band doing sort of old timey pirate shanty stuff called The Scarring Party. They recently threw a Kickstarter fund drive for their upcoming west coast tour, and I went so far as to donate at the level where they had to write a song about me.

Here are their upcoming tour dates:

  • April 22 at Empty Sea Studios (All Ages) with Erin Jorgensen in Seattle, WA
  • April 23 at Alberta Street Pub in Portland, OR
  • April 24 at Sam Bond’s Garage in Eugene, OR
  • April 25 at Rainshadow (All Ages) with Deadly Gallows and Stabracadabra in Reno, NV
  • April 26 at Disco Volante in Oakland, CA
  • April 27 at Viracocha with Eliza Rickman in San Francisco, CA
  • April 28 at The Crepe Place in Santa Cruz, CA
  • April 29 at a yet to be determined space or residence in the Greater Los Angeles Area
  • April 30 at Park Gallery with Martian Horses and Birds Ate My Face in San Diego, CA

Even though I only go out about once every six months to a concert/event, I actually have tickets to Donald Glover doing comedy the same night as their Portland date so I'll sadly be missing them in town (though I might try to catch them before/after), but if you get the chance do check them out.

Here's my song, Head Full of Birds they wrote for me:

03 Head Full of Birds

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  1. This is what I hear, although I often get lyrics wrong:
    “Dreamt he was in his cage
    Working on the railroad in 1848
    A dynamite blast sent a rod through his head
    Then Matt Bo-baxter came???
    It happened one afternoon
    Fiona crawled across the bed
    and rolled two speckled sparrow eggs
    In the hole in her father’s head
    Some had the last laugh
    Matt Haughey had his first
    Some have their temptresses
    But we’ll all leave with a nurse
    And when his fever breaks
    He’ll have a head full of birds
    PT Barnum sent a letter inviting Matt to tour the world
    Confined by shyness he declined
    So he stayed in CA on the coast
    Riding his bicycle one morning
    With Fiona on the lane???
    Rotten boys threw bottles at the ducks
    Matt Haughey couldn’t hold his tongue
    Echoes of breaking glass
    Smashing on the bottom as they pedal past
    He grabbed a bottle carved off (or maybe it’s “out of”) one their hands
    And they ran.
    Some pride they’re heading to prize
    On wealth not work (or maybe it’s “That will not work”?)
    Some arrive in limousines
    But we’ll all leave in a hearse
    And when his fever breaks
    He’ll have a head full of birds
    Matt Haughey man of ideas
    and a head full of birds”
    Another Kickstarter song contributor


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