I hope this is on a plaque somewhere at Flickr HQ

I have to remind myself of this truism every so often so I might as well write it down for the ages:

When you have an old photo in your photostream with partial nudity in it, and it gets a new favorite from a random no-user-pic user, for god sakes, don't look at their other favorites.

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6 replies on “I hope this is on a plaque somewhere at Flickr HQ”

  1. Recently someone faved my photo of Jeff Veen in a dress. Of course I clicked through to his account and it’s all photos of a dude dressed in bad drag.


  2. I have had to block a bunch of people recently who were alternately favoriting either photos of my feet or my sister’s rack.


  3. At least I can appreciate their obviousness, but man, when I see a guy’s favorites are all girls with seat belts on in cars, or guys on bikes taking a piss, or odd bulges in men’s pants (all real things I’ve seen on Flickr), those creep me out a bit more.


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