The folding Palm bluetooth keyboard works great on an iPhone

I made a quick video showing how those folding bluetooth keyboards setup and collapse, and give you the ability to write using a real keyboard:


Sadly, the same keyboard I got for $43 on Amazon in December is now over $100 from a reseller. You could probably find one cheap on eBay.

A folding keyboard is a handy thing to have in a backpack that lets you write pages of text if need to and are away from a laptop or desktop.

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3 replies on “The folding Palm bluetooth keyboard works great on an iPhone”

  1. There’s always the clip-on keypad for the Playstation 3 gamepad. It’s a standard HID keyboard+mouse (the mouse is done as a capacitive touch surface that extends over th ekeyboard surface – pretty neat!) but it does have a slightly nonstandard scancode mapping which might be a problem.


  2. I lost one on ebay, but got one off of pricegrabber through It was $49.99 with free USPS shipping. It arrived within a week and works great. I am just waiting for the iPhone 4 to get here. I did try it out on the laptop and the bluetooth keyboard works fine.


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