iMovie on the iPhone 4

The other day I was at a friend's house and we set up a slip 'n slide for our daughters to play on. I took out my new phone, recorded a couple clips of the setup and a few clips of them using it. I had downloaded iMovie earlier (it's $5 in the app store unfortunately) so I wanted to try it out for the first time.

I opened iMovie, created a new project, and selected my clips. With its minimal interface and no instructions, I guessed correctly that you can customize output by double clicking items. I added a title and a background song in just a couple clicks, and then it was done.

Here's the output:

What I'm most amazed about is that all the complexity of video editing was taken away and automated but the default settings are very, very good. I'm blown away that an application running on my phone let me edit a little movie, it added cross-dissolve transitions and auto-ducked the music when there was audio on the mic, and even had all the title fade sequences worked out. The whole thing is amazing and pretty incredible for a phone app.

(if you want to see what the app can do in the hands of a pro, check out this video on Vimeo)

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4 replies on “iMovie on the iPhone 4”

  1. That is very cool!
    I’m only commenting though to say, “bumpers at the end of the slip’n’slide?! In my day, you skidded out on the grass and eventual mud puddle until your shorts were so full of mud and rocks that you could barely stand up!”


  2. I’ve tinkered with iMovie on the iPhone a bit too, but can’t seem to figure out how to split a clip. Reading the docs, I get the impression that it’s not possible.
    If so, that’s a major failing.
    Though maybe it’s just me failing to figure out which special three fingered swipe tap combo to use.


  3. I trimmed my clips in the Photos app before sliding them into iMovie. I guess that’s not quite a Split function, but if you wanted to split clips just to edit them down, you can trim them elsewhere on the phone pretty easily.


  4. The whole thing is amazing and pretty incredible for a phone app.
    So it’s worth the unfortunate $5? šŸ˜‰


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