Another breakthrough for the low budget filmmaker

I posted this on MetaFilter but I can embed video here so I’ll do that as well.

What happens when you strap a $1700 digital SLR camera doing full HD video to a $2k remote controlled helicopter? You get amazing freaking video:

Another example of what you can do with a few grand worth of equipment that would cost tens of thousands of dollars to do with a real helicopter (not to mention, would also be super dangerous)

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9 replies on “Another breakthrough for the low budget filmmaker”

  1. It’s amazing how badass mowing the lawn or playing golf can look with a helicopter shot.
    But the 8-year-old playing drums, THAT’S the money shot.
    This is so awesome I might cry.


  2. Must be referring to theatrical release when he said they’re worthless. You can’t pull and play with the image much in post because it breaks apart. Aside from that, this video is great example of what you can do with it. Kudos to you guys… where can I get one?
    I would of had a field day playing with that toy on the set of our current project, DO IT IN POST.


  3. In the special features section of the “Red Cliff” non-theatrical release you can see on of these being used to film crowd shots. It got flown into a phalanx of vertical spears held by extras, and self-destructed.
    Where are those mountains in PB’s backyard?


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