My greatest triumph!


Sorry. I can't resist. John Carson, a fellow runner from Canada, unearthed this photo from the archives of the Toronto Star. It's the finals of the 1500 meters at the Ontario 14-year-old championships, many many years ago. The runner on the left is Dave Reid, who was the greatest Canadian miler of his generation. I will only say this: in this particular race, Reid placed second. I "retired" from competitive running a year later, in large part because I realized that the particular statistical fluke represented by me beating Dave Reid was unlikely to ever be repeated. (For the runners out there, I believe I ran something like 4:05.)


Such an amazing photo of a young Malcolm Gladwell!

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One reply on “ My greatest triumph!”

  1. That is an excellent photo. I dream of a freakish mutation of Fark and Mefi, where a photo like this would be part of a caption contest.
    “Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good.”


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