Crap I love: The Tiko portable iPhone/iPad holder

TikoLast fall, I bought a Tiko iPhone/iPod holder to prop up my iPhone while playing movies on planes, after hearing about it on Not Martha.

On my way out on the last trip, I decided to throw this barely-larger-than-a-business-card holder in my backpack in case I needed it.

After a cross country trip where I watched about five hours of video on my iPad, I’m happy to report that this designed-for-iPhone stand is barely heavy duty enough to work for holding an iPad on a airplane tray table.

Here’s a shot of it holding my iPad on a desk. Best ten bucks I ever spent.

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4 replies on “Crap I love: The Tiko portable iPhone/iPad holder”

  1. My favorite iPod/iPhone holder cost me… well, nothing. Basically I took a large paperclip and bent it and put a little bit of wire insulation at the end. Like this. Just keep some paper clips in your travel bag and you can amaze your neighbor by making one in real time!
    (For an iPad it would take a really big paperclip, though.)


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