I had to run Eudora.exe in a virtual window to find an email from 14 years ago today

A little over fourteen years ago, I ran into someone at a friend's backyard party, talked to her for a while, and eventually wanted to know more. I did everything I could to run into her in between classes the following week and at the end of that week she invited me over to watch a movie, then sent this email in the late morning changing plans to see the opening night screening of a new movie called Fargo. Then because hey, it was at night, let's go out for some food after, and so on and so forth and sometime after midnight we finally kissed.

Oh, and that Ben Stiller movie that came out around the same time was Flirting With Disaster. I'm glad we picked Fargo, and while it's not the best first date movie, seeing someone's reaction to such a film is a pretty good barometer for whether that first date will turn into ten years of marriage down the line.

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  1. I saw Fargo on a first date, too! It was my senior year in high school, and we didn’t date for too long because we never lived in the same town.
    But I think you’re right about it being a good barometer. That guy was really awesome, and we had such fun talking about the movie afterward.


  2. My first date with Jori was also a movie. We saw The Recruit. Neither of us have any idea why we chose that movie, but it worked out. Additionally, I was first smitten when I asked Jori her favorite movie and she replied “Spaceballs”. *Swoon*


  3. I saw Flirting with Disaster on a date. It was awful, and I didn’t see see the guy much longer.
    Fargo would have been a much better choice. I’m glad everything worked out for you!


  4. Love this, I also stillllll use Eudora [that is what caught my eye] I am still watching your blog to follow your progress re brain tumour….


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