Duchess Suit Ordered

An item from my own 75 year plan is to someday get a custom suit made. After hearing about a cool local outfit called Duchess Clothier from Messrs. Sasser and Hodgman, I decided to finally mark it off my list. Most of their catalog includes a lot of 1920s-1940s cuts but I ended up choosing something similar to the suit pictured here, in a medium grey with some custom silk lining. I didn't intend from the start to go for Mad Men Extra, but it might end up looking that way when it's done in a few weeks.

Anyway, the highs and lows:

High: My shoulders are apparently ideal and I got to skip shoulder pads entirely. I had no idea.

Low: I've lost weight and inches from my body and I was dismayed to find out after fitting back into size 34 pants for the first time in many years, my waist measured at 37 1/2. Unbeknownst to me, Men's clothing sizes have gone through the same sort of size inflation that Women's clothing have gone through. Three and a half inches below your actual size is the current norm for waistband sizes in Men's clothing.

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2 replies on “Duchess Suit Ordered”

  1. That’s an interesting cut: looks to me very ‘late 50s young man’ in styling — the kind of suit that my dad got made for him on HP at a bob a week — though perhaps a wee bit of nipping in at the waist.
    Three-piece or two? And do you get to do the second fitting?


  2. Dude,
    That is so my neighborhood. I hate to tell you this, but one of the keys to weight loss is breakup. I don’t recommend it.
    I read a story on the net about custom handmade shoes about a million years ago, and that’s been on my list for a while.
    You’ve got to post an image of the finished product.


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