Tony Pereira’s amazing handmade bike

Tony Pereira’s Magical Locking Bicycle from j. dunn on Vimeo.

That’s the most clever lock design I’ve seen on a bike. Full photos of his bike build are here on flickr. His bike business site is here.

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3 replies on “Tony Pereira’s amazing handmade bike”

  1. I gotta admit I’m more drawn to the built-in lock on the Cielo than I am to Pereira’s. Seems like you’d run into a lot of circumstances where the lock and ‘things to lock it to’ didn’t really line up enough to actually use it on the Pereira.


  2. Thanks for the mention, Matt.
    The lock is most compatible with the common “staple” racks found here in Portland, but it will also work with any vertical pole up to 3″ diameter. It would be a good idea to carry a cable to loop through the wheels and give you greater locking flexibility. There’s plenty of room in the bag for one. It would be hard to find yourself anywhere in a city that you couldn’t use the lock.


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