Perchance to dream

Slug, originally uploaded by visualdensity.

I had a dream last night that we solved the energy crisis by forcing the animal kingdom to create energy for us, but the trick was picking an animal ugly and unlikeable enough that the least number of people opposed the enslavement. So in the end, we had these enormous generators pushed by massive armies of slugs on land and eels in the water that created the entire world's energy needs.

There were of course, slug and eel appreciation societies that picketed the energy companies but most people didn't mind because they hated the selected animals so much.

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5 replies on “Perchance to dream”

  1. This is a great idea for solving the world’s energy problems, but I think the slugs and slimy creatures that make up the GOP might resist. Rush Limbaugh and Karl Rove certainly need the exercise, for sure.


  2. So weird! I have sketchbooks full of ideas for an art show called the “Future History of the Electric Slug.” It is set in the future after oil runs out and there is a new Dark Age. Then one day a monk discovers an electrified slug in his garden, swimming in the pan of beer he left out to kill the slugs. He then proceeds to re-revolutionize the world based on electric slug farming and trade… Um, kinda weird, I know, but I think it just might work!


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