New Oregon Laws for 2009 list anywhere?

My dad reminded me today that he enjoyed reading about the 700 new laws that went into effect in California today, so I set out to find an equivalent list for Oregon.

So far, after half a dozen Google searches I can only come up with the 6 laws listed here from yesterday's Oregonian. Quick summary: smoking ban in all bars and restaurants, bottle deposits, free electronics recycling, DMW checking immigration status, ATV safety for kids, and increased drug offender sentences.

Six new laws doesn't seem like much, is there a more complete list anywhere? Every other newspaper and TV site seems to be pointing to these same six laws as the sum total of legislative changes going into effect and that doesn't sound right to me.

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  1. I cannot say for sure in Oregon as I am only there for part of the year and have no real on paper existence there but some legislation passed by state lawmakers either goes on the books immediately after being signed into law or takes effect at the start of the state’s budget year which for Oregon is July 1st. However, a few laws go into effect on New Year’s Day when specified.


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