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There have been a lot of posts to Ask MetaFilter recently asking about inexpensive christmas presents and how to make your own presents and where to find the best deals, but I really enjoyed this thread on great things worth splurging on. As I've grown older I've slowly started to look for value in things instead of just the sale price. I agree with a lot of the tips offered in the thread — I love the super soft sheets on my bed, I have a trashcan so fantastic I didn't think that much engineering and clever ideas could go into a trashcan, and since no one mentoined it I wrote about the high-pressure showerhead that changed my life for the better.

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  1. Just a question about your shower head.
    If it runs at a higher pressure, and your have to squirt less through it for it to be bearable, wouldn’t it be using less water?
    I was just thinking, you might be able to erase any guilt about using this.


  2. Perhaps, but I tend to take long showers during the winter because it’s a satisfying experience. I used to just get out as soon as I could to end the disappointment, so I’m pretty sure I’m using more water, but it’s not a big deal to me.


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