July cycling/diet

Me in last night's Portland Short Track race July was a good month for riding and I rode over 250 miles in the first couple weeks of the month. Unfortunately, I spent the following two weeks mostly on family vacation down in San Diego. I did get a few rides in, but I forgot how slow city riding can be with all the stoplights blocking you. Overall, I finished the month with only 333 miles ridden due to the time off for travel. On the plus side, August is my last chance to cram in the miles and climbing to train for Cycle Oregon in September. I’m hoping to hit 600 miles in August.

On the diet front, I shed a couple pounds more but I think I’m going to finally stop drinking soda completely for a month to see how much it affects my weight.

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  1. It’s sad that you consider it unfortunate that you spent two weeks vacationing with the family. I understand that it took away from your cycling time, but come on, man! I’d love to be able to take 2 weeks away with my family.


  2. Not drinking any sodas will make you lose a lot of weight.
    I switched to a mainly raw food diet and lost 50lbs since January. I’m also training for a marathon.
    Good luck with your month of August.


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