June cycling/diet update

Cycling is going really well since the weather is nice. I rode 398 miles (just shy of my target 400-500 per month this summer) in June and I did quite a bit of hill climbing work, with over 20,000 feet climbed for the month (the month previous was about half that).

Diet-wise, I sort of hit a wall, recording the same weight at the previous two or three months. I exercised my ass off in June but I also ate like a horse so I’m spending the first week of July really watching what I eat and cutting out a few more things that are probably keeping my weight steady.

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2 replies on “June cycling/diet update”

  1. I’ve certainly noticed that no matter how much I cycle, I’ve had more of an impact on my weight by my changes in diet and including other exercise. My lower body benefits from cycling, but nothing above the waist.


  2. It’s all about cutting down on carbs. I don’t do a “low-carb” diet, but cutting out those extra rolls, pizza crusts, etc., make a huge difference. When I can force myself to do it, I cut weight, wen I can’t I stay the same or gain.


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