April cycling/diet update

Just a quick monthly guilt-trip for myself: Thanks to a week of travel and a bout of sickness, I only covered 185.59 miles in April and my weight hovered around the same as last month. On the positive side, I did just break 800 miles for the year (normally a year-long amount of riding) and I’m on track to do about 2,500-3,000 miles for the year if I keep it up. Also, since it’s finally May in Oregon, the sun has decided to come out and grace us with good riding weather. I suspect I’ll start going from an average of 70 miles a week ridden to 100-120 mile weeks by June.

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  1. Well, they have these Tuesday night crits here, but I kind of wanted to get my fitness up and more experience with group rides before I tried one. I’ll definitely be doing a short track series in June/July on my mt. bike though.


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