30 second clips from the aquarium

I love that flickr is limiting videos to 90 seconds. It makes it the twitter of video that way and I don’t find myself ever getting bored clicking around my contacts. Here are a bunch of 30 seconds-or-shorter videos from a trip to the aquarium today.

3 responses to “30 second clips from the aquarium”

  1. How on earth did you get footage of the octopus? Every time we have visited, that damn thing stays jammed up in some nook, and maybe we get to see a tentacle.


  2. That Jellies video is awesome! I was thinking about a time motion video of an aquarium but seeing this, it’s way much nicer.


  3. The jelly fishes are amazing. A bit of music to that and I’d be meditating right now! šŸ™‚


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